6. april – Casa Murilo + Kid Exodus.

Casa Murilo returnerer til Sort & Blå Scene. Sist varmet de opp for Kråkesølv hos RiP, siden den gang har det meste gått veien for Casa Murilo. 2 plater, flere radiohits og nå platekontrakt med Sony. Med seg som support har de Kid Exodus (Peter Estdahl) som Sony også har meget stor tro på.

Casa Murilo:
Many moons ago, two Englishmen met two Norwegian girls in Brazil. They lived together with a man called Murilo and had many adventures. Some time later they left Murilo behind and moved to Norway, where the Englishmen started a band and named it after him as a dedication. The 6 man, Norwegian/English, Oslo based indie powerhouse called «Casa Murilo» quickly built something of a reputation on the Oslo underground for their raucous, energetic live show. They played all over the country and had lots of nice things said about them, including being described as «Norway’s Best Band» by Plan B Magazine after a show at Øya 2011.

Casa Murilo told this story on their debut album «Lifting Ships», released to great fanfare and acclaim in 2011. They subsequently toured Norway, played a whole bunch of festivals, got playlisted on P3 national Radio and pioneered the concept of the «house party tour», where on one night, 5 fans invite the band into their homes to play for them and their friends. Very good times were had by all. They are planning to do some more in 2012.

In February 2012, after two storming shows at the By:Larm music showcase in Oslo, Casa Murilo signed a deal with Sony Music Norway and began recording album number two, «The Rise & Fall», which was released on October 12th 2012 to much critical acclaim.

Throughout the past 12 months the lads have played on some of Norway’s biggest stages and at some of the country’s largest festivals, including Øyafestivalen, Vinjerock and Bygdalarm. They have appeared on the NRK show «Lindmo» and represented Norway at festivals in both India & Bangladesh where they played to crowds of over 6,000 people.

«The Rise & Fall’s» lead single, «Wrecking Ball» was play listed on several radio stations, including NRK P3 in the summer of 2012 and became one of the years most played tracks. This was followed by the second single, «In For The Kill», which also received radio play across the country.

2013 will see the band head out on their largest tour to date, playing 35 shows across Norway followed by a busy festival summer.

They will begin recording the third album in autumn 2013.

Casa Murilo are:
Chris Winfield – Vocals
Dan Hesketh – Guitar and vocals
Fredrik Baden – Drums
Rudi Leo Johansen – Guitar
Håkon Møller – Keys
Sturla Tesdal Hinze – Bass

Kid Exodus:
Kid is born. Kid is raised.
Kid hears music. Kid writes music.
Kid grows up. Kid moves on. Kid Writes more music.
Kid Exodus.

KID EXODUS (Peter Estdahl) fra Tromsø debuterte i 2012 med sin P3-listede singel «Brother». Den noe uventede suksessen ble fulgt opp av andresingelen «Hamlet», en låt som gir en god pekepinn på kursen som stakes ut fremover i en fortsatt fersk karriere.

Etter å ha jobbet med Rudi Nikolaisen (bassist for Sivert Høyem) i Studio Coast i Tromsø, er KID EXODUS nå klar med sin debut- EP «Northern Lights», som slippes 4. februar via Sony Music. EPen består av seks låter, inkludert hans nyeste singel «Are We Apart», og er både proppfull av musikalske referanser (James Blake, Daft Punk, Friendly Fires, Florence & The Machine) samtidig som den er prov på at hans særegne popsound og modne låtskriving stadig utvikles i riktig retning.

Billetter kr 130 i forsalg på Karjolun Pub nå. Resterende billetter selges i døren fra kl 21.00 på konsertdagen.

Dørene åpner kl 21.00
Kid Exodus kl 22.00
Casa Murilo kl 23.00

18 år leg plikt.


~ av rockeklubben den 31. mars 2013.

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