Teknisk / Tech Spec


NB – there is a limit on 102 dB in Sort & Blå Scene.

Main PA

2 (4) stk toppkasser av Coda Audio APS
2 stk subber av Coda Audio U4
drevet av
1 stk Coda Audio Linus10-C


Allen Heath      D-live C1500

Allen Heath      CDM32

Allen Heath      DX168

Allen Heath      IP8


4 stk Coda Audio Cue Four (double 8″+ 1,4″) coverage 55°+ 40°
drevet av
1 stk Coda Audio Linus10-C

No separate monitormixer on stage.


1 stk Shure Beta-91
1 stk Sennheiser E602
1 stk Shure SM52beta
3 stk Shure SM58 beta
3 stk Shure SM58
5 stk Shure SM57
1 stk Sennheiser e906
5 stk Sennheiser e604
1 stk Sennheiser MD421
2 stk Shure KSM137 kondensatormic
1 stk Sennheiser E614


1 stk Palmer PDI-09 Passive DI Box
2 stk Radial ProD2
2 stk Radial Pro48
2 stk Countryman Type 85 fet


7 stk små stativer / small stands
6 stk store stativer med galge / tall stands with gallow
2 stk store stativer rund fot / big stands with round foot
2 stk kab clamps

4 stk gitar stativ
1 stk synth stativ



Tama     Starclassic 22″ kick

Tama     Starclassic 10″ tam

Tama     Starclassic 12″ tam

Tama     Starclassic 16″ floor

2 stk skarp, hh og cymbaler
5 stk cymbalstativer


Ampeg SVT-450
Ampeg 8×10″ kab


Marshall JCM 800 forsterker
Marshall 1922 kab (4×12)
Marshall JCM 900 combo (1×12)
Peavey Classic 50  2×12 combo
Fender 68 Custom Deluxe Reverb (12″)

Inhouse backline can be used by artist free of charge, but bring your own cymbals and pedals.


Mixer: GrandMA 3 Commandwing + 22″ touch screen

7 stk Dimmer CLS DMX4002 4x1000W (totalt 24 kanaler)
1 stk Chauvet Amhazer Whisper Hazer
20 stk PAR-56 /500W – backwall
4 stk PAR-56 /500W – floorcans
2 stk LEDbar rgbw – floor
4 stk Fresneller 650W – frontlights
2 stk Chauvet COLORado 2 Solo – sidewall
4 stk Chauvet Rouge R2 mh wash – backwall
2 stk led par can – sidewall
3 stk strobes – floor
2 stk 2-lights blinders – front

Lights are mounted on wall as described.


Capacity: 160 PAX standing / 100 seated
Stagesize: (WxDxH) 8 x 3,5 x 0,30 m
Clearing: 2,30 m

No sidestage. If artist bring own monitormixer/monitortech and/or backlinetech, they must find room on a small stage.

Venue has barricades.

Loading down one flight of stairs, direct onto stage.

Parking outside venue. If artist comes in nightliner and need powersupply, parking must be planned.

We have a dedicated space for merch-sales, with table, wallmount and lights. We do not provide salescrew, artist must bring own. RiP do NOT take a cut of the merch-sales, 100% goes to artist.

Questions about technical issues and/or backline – contact Sondre Konradsen Mjøen, mobile 95938208, mail sondre_km@hotmail.com.

Mye av utstyret er sponset av Kulturrom


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